You’ve seen a ring on Instagram or someone you know, have a clear vision of what you’d love and it’s not here in the shop or you’d like us to discover your crystal together– excellent!
The cost of custom work ranges depending on the crystal and metals however most crystal necklaces and rings range $150-$250.
This “purchase” acts as a deposit and will be applied to the cost of your jewelry!
Once I receive your order, I’ll be in touch via email within 2 business days!
Based on our communication, I’ll select an assortment of crystals in keeping with your intention and any affinities you have. You’ll receive photos with details soon after. Depending on the setting you choose, the time of year it is (the Holidays & Valentine’s Day being the busiest), and if stone cutting work is involved – from the time you’ve made your choice to the time your crystal baby is on it’s way to you is about 1-2 weeks.
To learn more about my process, visit here.