You know what you want and it’s not in the shop or you’d like guidance and direction as to what will serve you and your intention most right now. I’d love to create your sacred piece! For details, see here!

A crystal you loved has been sold or you’ve seen a photo on instagram of a necklace or ring you’d like for your own. send me a message with details and a photo (if possible) and I’ll let you know whats in stock!

Yes! Spirit Rocks’ creates custom engagement rings and wedding bands using precious and semi-precious gemstones, incorporating sacred geometry, symbolism and color set in gold (yellow, rose, white) or platinum. send me a message with photos of anything you love / that inspires you and any other ideas, details and ‘musts’ you have. Whether you are clear and know exactly what you want or would like our creative minds to collaborate, my incredible jewelers and I create magic!