Most crystals absorb and store energy. To ensure you are always receiving the most your crystals have to offer, honor them as you would any one else who is supporting you – give them love + care in return by cleansing + charging them in the Moonlight.


Listen to your intuition.
If you’re wearing / working with your crystal(s) every day or your ritual game is strong, perhaps you may choose each new or full moon to cleanse and charge. I have small selenite sticks in my jewelry boxes to keep my gems fresh in between.
The vibration of your intention will cleanse and charge too. Focus and belief are essential. First- “clear” yourself. A “Light” bath or shower ritual, prayer, smudging with sage.. any or all will suffice.
The frequency of a crystal or Tibetan sound bowl played while your crystal is inside will “cleanse” as well.
 If you burn sage, palo santo or diffuse essential oils in your space, this will also create a cleansing environment for your crystals.
The gravitational pull the Moon has on Earth is strongest when it is new and full. Think of it like the breath we take; each breath is important but deep inhalation provides exceptional benefits.
Think of a new or full moon like a meditation filled with intense breath work. The capacity has been expanded! Now add intentions to your cleansing and charging ritual and you are maximizing your opportunity to heal and create what you desire!
Your crystal has been cleansed in sea salt water prior to being made into your jewelry. Salt water can be damaging to some crystals in which case, your crystal may have been cleansed in plain mineral water or with sage + Intention.
Salt water will wear and tarnish your metals so it’s best to avoid water in general.
If your jewelry has built up residue from any lotion or oil it has come into contact with, or you just feel the need to give it a wipe- take a very lightly moistened soft cloth to it while avoiding the metals as much as possible. Q-Tips work great!
If the metal gets wet, to avoid tarnishing, dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth.
I believe the energy of the Moon is one of the most effective ways to cleanse your crystals.
An alternative to moonlight is Intention + Sunlight.
Remember to “clear” yourself first, give your jewelry a wipe with a lightly moistened cloth or Q-Tip and “cleanse” your crystal with intention. There is no “right” or “wrong” way, only effective and “more” effective. If you find focus challenging, clarity of thoughts and sharp visualization will come in time with meditation. Practice makes “better”! Consider concluding your “cleansing” ritual by envisioning any absorbed and stored energy surfacing from the crystal, dissipating into the earth or white light. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may lighten some crystals, however a few hours should be just fine.
It is not necessary to re-set your Intention unless you have a new intention or wish to add to your original one!
The purpose of “cleansing” your crystals is to release energy that may have been absorbed and stored. Loving Intentions are high frequency and will remain unless intentionally “cleared”.
Pendants wrapped or set in Sterling Silver and/or Gold filled material will not fade and wear away as with plated metals however water, moisture, body chemistry, oils, lotions, etc. will tarnish your metals. Keep them bright and looking their best by polishing with a dry “polishing” cloth as necessary, keep them clean & dry and store them in their pouch or your jewelry box when you’re not wearing them. And as much as you love your crystals – avoid sleeping in them.
Bezel set pendants and rings have been bonded to the silver that surround them. If your ring becomes wet, dry it immediately as moisture will set in between your crystal and wear down this bond.
Remove your ring when washing your hands and ensure you’re not applying lotions and oils of any kind while it’s on. As much as you don’t want to take your gems off (I do relate!), please do not swim, bath or shower in your jewelry. The TLC will go a very long way!
Given the nature of Spirit Rocks, we do not accept returns or exchange. Much time and energy goes into photos and details of each listing to ensure you choose the piece you love.
Great care is taken in securing your crystal for shipping however in the unlikely event that it arrives damaged, please contact me within 24 hrs of delivery.
Please note that minerals, even polished crystals can have exterior inclusions and “fractures”. This is natural and not “damage”.
$10 USD to the US (tracked)
$10 CDN within Canada (tracked)
$10 CDN international (un-tracked)