Welcome to Spirit Rocks, I’m Lana.

My love for Spirit and passion for the well-being of the planet and all her inhabitants has led me on a path of the healing arts. My principles and practices are rooted in my ancestry; Celtic and Native American beliefs and traditions. I discovered crystals and gemstone jewelry through my beloved grandmother, Kathleen and one of my earliest childhood memories is watching my father, an arborist create elaborate wire wrapped crystal trees at our kitchen table. Devoted to truth, love and energy, in 2014 Spirit Rocks was born.

Every Spirit Rock is hand selected by me. Each chosen for their energetic properties and unique attributes. My process is Guided and always with the Knowing that who they are meant for is just around the corner. My discoveries are made through gem show travels, miners, dealers and fellow ‘treasure hunters’ I’ve met along the way.
​Once home, each crystal is cleansed. Most soak in sea salt water and rinsed in mineral or rain water collected in my reservoir. Few minerals are best cleansed with sage + intention. All are charged in the Moonlight. Some soak up sunshine. Once a Spirit Rock has been cleansed + charged, it is displayed in my workshop. Once chosen to be made into jewelry, it is cleansed and charged again. When jewelry is complete and packed for shipping, it sits on an altar of selenite and spheres until departure.

My workshop is my sacred space. Angel art, wings and spirit animal prints adorn my walls. My most cherished crystals, books and oracle card decks displayed, salt and selentite lamps glow, sweet grass and essential oil candles burn.

Every wrapped crystal has been made by me. I use sterling silver and 10K gold filled wire. Bezels for stone & crystal pendants and rings are handcrafted one of a kind. Cast and set in Toronto, Canada using the highest quality pure, chemical free silver and gold.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla