“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

Each one hand picked by me, a crystal may be a Phantom quartz, a Record Keeper, a Hydro quartz, filled with rainbows or simply harness an energy destined to become a Spirit Rock. An inventory of hundreds, new additions every week, my discoveries are made during my gem show travels, through miners, dealers and fellow ‘treasure hunters’ I’ve met along the way.
​I cleanse every crystal. Most soak in sea salt water then rinsed in mineral or rain water collected in my reservoir. Few minerals are best cleansed with sage + intention. All are charged in the Moonlight. Once a Spirit Rock has been cleansed + charged, it is displayed in my workshop. Once chosen to be made into jewelry- it’s cleansed and charged again. When jewelry is complete, it is packed for shipping and sits on an altar of selenite and spheres until departure.
My workshop is my sacred space. Imagine Angels, Fairies, numerous angel wings, a dream catcher, salt and selenite lamps, hundreds of crystals, sage and essential oil candles burning.
The past 4 years, Spirit Rocks has been custom and referral based. What began as a love for crystals, an affinity for angels & fairies, and a passion for holistic health and healing, evolved into more when I decided to take leaps of faith of my own. As a soul coach and energy worker, requests for jewelry like the pieces I wore were made and I began creating for my clients and soon, their family and friends. It was quite the ripple. In 2014, I attended Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass where I met the earth angels that would change my life forever. They are my inspiration, my extended family, and the reason Spirit Rocks travel all over the world today. Local customers visit to hand pick their crystal and others email or have found me on social media. I am Blessed.
Many know exactly what they want based on pieces they’ve seen, others are experienced with crystals and tell me what they’re looking for and some look for guidance with choosing the crystal that will be ideal for them right now.
While I will continue CUSTOM WORK, this shop will support the demand that’s grown by offering ready-to-ship pieces having been created with all the love and attention to detail I have given each one from the beginning. Much energy goes into every listing as photos and details are unique to the piece of jewelry featured.
Every wrapped crystal has been made by me. I use sterling silver and 10K gold filled wire. Bezels for stone & crystal pendants and rings are handcrafted one of a kind. Cast and set in Toronto, Canada using the highest quality pure, chemical free silver.