“I want women to embrace their beauty, cherish their loving hearts, acknowledge their light and declare their limitless potential. That’s my mission”

I’m Lana, the creator and Chief Fairy at Spirit Rocks.

Many of my principles and practices are rooted in my ancestry; Celtic and Native American beliefs and tradition.

My faith is unwavering. I believe that Source/God/Spirit is All-Powerful. Infinite. Unlimited. I believe we are an extension of Source; God’s children, therefore WE are Infinite and limited only by what we think is possible. I believe that we are channels for Source energy and that when what we do stems from love and a desire for Good, we are in flow with who we truly are and the divine flood gates of opportunity, prosperity and happiness burst wide open. The energy that flows through me and the intentions I hold are part of everything I do. I’m humbled to have created jewelry, combining the earth’s most beautiful elements with my practices for some of the earth’s most inspiring angels.
I’m a ritualist. My spiritual practice begins at 5am. Solfeggio frequencies (see here) play in my head phones, I read, write, sketch, meditate, pray… usually with some type of mask or clay on my face, lol.

My mid-day revival includes coffee, Matcha Ninja (see here), and meditation with any number of my favorite crystals.

I’m plant powered. Obsessed and dependent on fresh pressed juice, Soup Girl (see here) and Mile High Brownies from Kelly’s Bake Shoppe (here too!).
I live in beautiful, Burlington, Ontario, Canada. I’m a Canadian and American citizen and while I’ve lived in Canada most my life and love having four seasons, I’m a sun worshiping ocean baby at heart.
I LOVE TO DANCE. Growing up, we were always dancing and listening to music. It’s not uncommon for me to throw on Red Red Wine in my workshop and dance my butt off at some point during my day.
Through my grandma I discovered stone and crystal jewelry, but it was my dad, an arborist who I’d watched make elaborate wire wrapped crystal trees when I was little.
I’m a Gemini. Scorpio ascending, Virgo moon. For all my astrology goddesses.

I’m a minimalist. However, when it comes to crystals, angels, fairies and anything “boho”… if it has feathers, wings, glistens or incorporates macrame, sacred geometry or fairy lights in any way- I need it.

“Treasure hunting” is my favorite hobby. Currently my second, is creating ritualistic & intention based bath soaks and body oil. Remember- I’m all about the RITUALS! This will be the first year everyone on my list receives something other than jewelry! Well maybe jewelry too.
My best childhood memory is one with my mom. Nothing was more exciting than searching for seashells at the beach with her. Each one different than the last but just as special. I will always remember the feeling… my hands full of shells… my toes squeezing the wet sand as the ocean washed up over me each time bringing more shells with it. Mom always mirrored my excitement making me feel like a gifted treasure hunter. She’s the same now about my crystals.
The Merkaba Star. Or, The STAR TETRAHEDRON. Sacred geometry and a part of Spirit Rocks’ logo. “Mer” meaning Light, “Ka” meaning Spirit, “Ba” meaning Body.

The Spirit Project. A percentage of your Spirit Rocks’ purchases support the new beginnings of women, their children & rescue animals.

Thank you mom, dad, Faith, Jamie, aunt Val and Helen. Thank you my mermaids, fairies, earth angels, goddesses, witches, pixies, Spirit Junkies, Karen & Dan. Thank you Joseph, my spirit brother- forever grateful for you.
Thank you God.
My Gratitude Kata
I give gratitude to the Infinite Unknown. I give gratitude for ALL people, no exceptions. I give gratitude to Mother Earth- Sustainer of all life. I give gratitude for my future, and infinite possibilities. I give gratitude for my past- and all things that have brought me here. I give gratitude to the Masculine Warrior- logic and reason. I give gratitude to the Feminine Goddess- intuition, creativity and flow. I give gratitude to Myself- for being with it ALL so beautifully.
Thank you Preston & Alexi.