You are the free spirited, passionate and benevolent ones. The healers, the seers, the dreamers. The ones who trust what they feel and the only proof you ever need is in the pudding because, you know you’re the Magicians.

You’ve risen more times than you’ve fallen and you believe that love and taking leaps of faith is spreading your wings to fly.

You are the ritualistic goddesses, earth angels, witches, fairies and mermaids who know that to embrace and lift each other is the only way. Your tribe is your kin.

Your story is Light. As is your Sister’s. Together you illuminate the world.

Your journal, card pulls, meditation, smudging, your oils, daydreams, crystals and QT with your Spirit Guides are your “needs”.

Your Affirmations are sovereign and to you, “Confirmation” means more than just what you receive after booking a flight.

You are not only rising, YOU ARE THE UPRISING.